Farewell 2011

2011, I describe you as one of the craziest rollercoaster I’ve ever had. 


 You brought me to the extreme point of happiness,

then dragged me to hell at the later part of the year. 

You’ve taught me great lessons in life,

but never had the chance to discipline me of carrying it further.

You’ve let me meet people,

but never made me get really close to them.

You’ve let me study good subjects,

but not with respectable professors.

You’ve showered me with blessings,

but made me take it for granted.

No matter how I try looking at it in a perspective where it can be considered a test in life…I still feel being toyed around. I really feel bad. And i feel worse because I know that I should be thankful…

thankful for so many new experiences that taught me great lessons

thankful for so many opportunities that allowed me to decide about my future

thankful for so many new faces that made me smile, laugh, and survive

thankful for so many chats with my friends that made me feel loved & cared for

thankful for so many trips w/ my family even though it makes me miss them more after


thankful for so many things… because despite all the things that has happened.. Im here….typing… and later eating… hehehe 😉 Let us welcome 2012 with a BANG! BANG! Thank you God 🙂

ps. dec31 last year, I was nervous because I didnt know the people Id be dealing with in school. This year, IAM NERVOUS because I dont know what will happen to me after graduation. OHYEAH BRING IT ON! I STILL HAVE 8 months to work if I’ll get a job right after graduation HAHAHAHA :)))) 2012 Mayan FTW



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