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The New Year celebration haven’t ended yet. I still hear people in the streets greet each other a prosperous 2012. So, how does one exactly have a “prosperous” year? Most people, including me, used to evaluate ourselves the day before … Continue reading

A Recurring Dilemma


Attending the 1st day of class for the year 2012 was a little tough among college students. While I was on my way to school, the people inside the jeepney looked tired, weary, and exhausted – you can say that most of them are just not ready to face the reality yet. However, being a student isn't even that close to what is actually happening in the "real-world"

You see, I actually counted the weeks before my (hopefully) university graduation this year and I discovered that I only have 14 weeks left! I cringed. So, what's going to happen to me? Where will my bachelors degree in Broadcast Communication take me? What am I supposed to do? Well, I am not saying that I am completely clueless. In fact, I am torned between pursuing a Masters degree outside the country first and then work, or the other way around.

The motivation to get a Masters degree abroad was an influence by my experiences in Korea. When I was in Korea, I've discovered so many things and ideas that I wish I could bring and share to my country. Also, I couldn't forget what my Korean professor told me – that I should get a scholarship in UK.  However, things became a little hazy right after I had my internship at Arirang Global TV. Although my internship there was brief,  it actually had the greatest impact in my adult err mature life. My boss and seniors trained me very well to the point that I fell in love with my work. During that time, I was certain that maybe this is it – maybe this is the field I am happy to serve! Immediately after returning to my country, I told my boss about it and told her that I am actually excited about my marketing and (well, yes) advertising classes. So…

study then work? or work then study?

Some say it is best for me to study first. I am still young… well, 21 is not that old either. If I would complete a Masters degree after two years – I will be a 23 year old job seeker with an "edge" Why edge? well, what are Masters degree for? enlighten me.

On the other hand, a lot of my professors told me that if I wanted to take a Masteral degree it is better to atleast have some work experiences – because Masters is about sharing practical experiences in the field and criticizing or challenging several theories with it. Moreover, everytime I search for scholarships, most of them require 2 years of work experience. 

Also, just so you know – I am determined to continue my Korean language study and maybe French or Japanese too 😉 This might fall in the "study" aspect. So. Help. Me. God.

Photo: It is a comic I made using an Android application called "Create a Comic"