Life is…


Life is a continuous process of getting used to.

this is what my friend kept telling us when he was trying his best to move on. 2010, there were four of us who were accepted in an international exchange program to South Korea’s Chonnam National University. The experiences that we had there for a year were absolutely life changing. We’ve met several people who became our friends, mentors, and second family. We’ve created a bond not only among people but also to the culture of the country of kpop, kimchi, and wonbin (sorry for being random here)… thus, it was somehow difficult for us to come home.

Academic works, org responsibilities, and other extra-curricular activities bombarded the year that followed. The four of us hardly find time to meet and I was left wondering whether they have moved on already. Sometimes, I feel ashamed everytime I post any thing related to our Korean experience in facebook – they might think that I don’t have a life here in the Philippines! (which is not true, btw) I tried my best to lie-low the issue until it came to a point where…

…you’re getting used to it (the things around you).

it is hard to forget things that made a mark in your life. i guess the term “moving on” is inappropriate if it meant forgetting and living anew. the forgetting part will never happen (not unless you got amnesia or alzheimers disease or something). In fact, the more we try to forget, the harder it will be. Whatever experiences we had, good or bad, it is comparable to a scar – remarkable or ugly at first but later on we’ll get used to it then hardly notice it in the future. Whatever 2011 has done to us, let us continue living with an optimistic heart and mind this 2012. 새해 복 많이 받아요! Happy New Year everyone 🙂

photo: this is a heart-shaped coral i found at the beach today. i guess it wishes to spread love this new year!


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