Keeping it closer

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It’s the second day of the year and fortunately, things are doing pretty well. Although my flight to Manila was delayed by 1hour, I didn’t quite notice the time because I was watching the movie “Midnight in Paris” The movie is cute and a little funny but I don’t have any intentions of reviewing it here now 😉

Immediately after arriving in our pad, I went to Trinoma to meet my friends who I mentioned in my former post. Our “bunso” (막내, youngest) when we were in Korea is leaving the Philippines again after his 2 week Christmas vacation here. We ate chicken, participated in our companion’s Psychology experiment, and talked about our past, present, and future? 

I enjoyed our meeting today. It was as if we never parted for several months. It was as if we were friends for a very long time. It is surprising how our experiences in Korea gave us this kind of friendship. Fun(ny) yet true. Slow clap for that, please.

photo: dinner at Kenny Roger’s. Left to right: Me, Roger, Ice, Rj (the bunso), and Lia. Just to make it clear, Rj is not an exchange student like us. He is a regular student in Chonnam National University. I’m not so sure with his major, but I think it was economics. I’m very thankful with these guys and despite having only a year of being together – they will always have a special space in my heart. Yikes! #gettingsentimental 


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