Admit this.

1hu9wevsic1qw9gagging has been the life of most of my friends recently. I think they’ve gotten a little bored with Facebook already (although, I am pretty sure facebook link posts led most of us to – I DID). Anyway, I think I had too much of it during the christmas break and was inspired to make my own meme comics (exactly, how do you call these things?) The fun starts when you actually get the punchline, without having someone to explain all the details for you. So…Is this worth posting on the hot page?

Tehee, actually, I don’t have a 9gag account and I don’t think I will be making one. I’m just happy to look at the photos posted there. They are quite funny and witty. Have a try, visit their website!  

Photo: I made this comic using an Android application called RoidRage (quite simple and easy to use and FREE!)


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