Make and Break

The New Year celebration haven’t ended yet. I still hear people in the streets greet each other a prosperous 2012. So, how does one exactly have a “prosperous” year? Most people, including me, used to evaluate ourselves the day before the new year and write down 10 to 20-ish new years resolution. Usually, the list goes like this:

No more 5 minutes (after the alarm rings)

No more Facebook.    Spend lesser time on Facebook.   

Eat more vegetables and avoid fastfood and alcohol (except during special occasions)

Save money! Save! Save! Save!

Sleep early…

The thing is, after day 3, we unconciously break our resolutions. Believe it or not, but these are a few of my new years resolution before and the years before. Is it lack of self-discipline that hinders me in following this list? Well, look and think again. Don’t you think the sentence construction of the resolutions affect how I deal with it? When writing NY Resolutions, we often look at our flaws and find ways on how to scrap it totally in our system! But, because we are aware that it seems impossible in our part, we discreetly put loopholes in it… which, of course, could accept all the excuses in the world! And so… I give up!

This year is not about making rules; instead, it should be a year of self-development! Rules are horrible. Everytime you face one, it will feel like you’re trapped in a box. How will creativity and improvement grow if there are a lot of things that would pull you back? How will you mature if you wont step out of your comfort zone? How will you broaden your perspective if you’re not considering risks? I won’t be making any silly, breakable NY resolutions this year. In fact, I’d be very glad to deal with any thing (just as long as it won’t kill me). Also, working on (finding and acquiring) your dream regardless any difficulties (or with whatever excuses you’ll come up again) will do. Me? I am still on the “finding” and praying for it stage ! Goodluck 😉

photo: I took this picture during my birthday last November 2010 at Jeju Island, South Korea. I love sunsets – it will forever be beautiful in my eyes. I am trying my best to find the best logic about this photo and the content of my blog ㅋㅋㅋ Perhaps, it’s about the sun sinking. If we feel that we’re drowning with life’s problems, just go on… a sunset always transforms into a shining moonlight 🙂 이것 도대요? ㅋㅋㅋ


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