Several attempts at Photography 2

As promised, due to my oh-so-busy schedule, here’s another rant blog about my being hopeful with Photography. 

IMG396photo taken using my LG Optimus Black (P970) – black and white setting. I think I was working on my b/w photography assignment when I took this picture. I was trying to save my films because it was a little expensive. No one told me if it’s good or bad, so there.

I hate cats. I know they are cute… but my goodness! I really hate it when they start following you and brush themselves in your feet. Anyway, in this picture, I believe I was playing with the theme “abandoned” Well, when I presented a photo of a cat (not this one) to my professor and she disliked it. Maybe cats are too mainstream, right? Anyway, idgaf.

photo taken using my LG Optimus Black (P970) also – normal setting, no effects. 

I am not a fan of Biology, but after accidentally positioned my phone right above me when I was lying down at UP Diliman’s sunken garden – I was amazed by how the branches and leaves of the tree produced this kind of image. This looked like something we might see on a microscope… well, I’m not so sure – the last time I was in front of a microscope was when I was in second year highschool (Biology class), and what am I now? Nevermind…

Pardon me for sharing two photos only. Nevertheless, I would like to share how important it is to consider our love for photography over the critic of other people. Sure, we should/could open our ears to these opinions but we should learn how to filter the information we could believe in to. Identify the people who critic your work – are they qualified to do so? If not, do not let them push you down 100%.

Lastly, for this entry, some photographs are products of accidents! Capture bizarre or unique images by playing with your camera anytime, anywhere! That’s it for now, ta-ta 🙂


Boy, I did not expect this to happen. My article was included in The Photography Journal’s top stories for January 8.  I knew this only while I was  checking my twitter using my smartphone (this explains the kind of screenshot you see) I am still not familiar with this blog, but when I checked it, it was pretty good – I might visit their sites once in a while. Thank you so much for visiting my site 🙂 Unfortunately, it was Y U NO’s picture that was.. err..  

 2012-01-10 00.34.36


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