How about… cooking?


I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COOK, but! I tried cooking when my Dad went to Norway and I had to help myself for 3 months! It’s good to know that there are a lot of kind people out there who spend their time to teach people how to cook certain stuffs one at a time 😉 I believe I am one of those people who benefitted from their blogs. Anyway…

I am supposed to be reading/studying 6 chapters of my Psychology book in preparation of our midterm exam this coming Tuesday. However, my attention got distracted when I suddenly got hungry. The afternoon was a little hot and that made me crave for some milk tea with pearls but of course, I don’t have the leisure to go to the mall just to buy one. And so, I decided to google how to make milk teas at home. I found several recipes online! But then again, I checked our fridge and realized that I don’t have the complete ingredients. How disappointing! Nonetheless, I saw the frozen chicken and boom! Why don’t I try to cook Korean Style Fried Chicken? Brilliant!

When I was in Korea, chicken and pizza were our comfort food! 치킨 집 (pronounced as Chikin-jip) are found almost in every corner! A gathering or drinking session will never be complete without chicken. And unlike in the Philippines, Koreans don’t eat chicken with rice (so they really find it weird, i suppose, when we sneak in a Chikin jip with take-out 밥 (bap/rice) from another store. Also, when hunger strikes at midnight – Koreans rarely call Mcdonalds for delivery! Instead, they would call and ask for 배달 (bae-dar/delivery). When we order a box of chicken, we usually receive it with Pepsi, 무 (mu/raddish), and two kinds of sauce – 얀념 (yang-nyeom/sweet and spicy) and 무스타드 (mu-seu-ta-deu/mustard). Most Chikin jips have gimmicks like collecting 10 coupons to receive one free chicken and etc! Anyway, my favorite Chikin jips are 멕시칸치킨 (mek-shi-kan chi-kin/mexican chicken) for garlic flavored chicken and 맘스터치 (mam-seu teo-chi/mom’s touch) for some awesome teriyaki chicken!

Okay, back to what I did.

So I saw the frozen chicken inside the fridge… I searched in the cupboards whether I have the right ingredients mentioned online. Well, I found some cornstarch and egg and voila! I think that’s just it! Hahaha :))

Anyway, the photo above is a step-by-step procedure of how I made my very own Korean Style Fried Chicken. To guide you though, here first are the ingredients I used (I bet you have this too, haha):

  • cornstarch
  • egg
  • pepper
  • onion
  • garlic
  • Coke (my alternative to rice wine — what? haha)

I won’t be writing how I did it because – err, it’s too redundant with my photo collage! However, here are a few tips (wow! haha) – this is TOTALLY not a new tip, just so you know, tissue papers are very helpful in reducing the amount of oil in whatever food you fry and… that’s it. Hahaha :))

By the way, for these kind of fried chicken – I believe that mustard is the best option for sauce 😉 It takes time though to get used to it. So, there! If you have extra time or just procrastinating like I did, how about… cooking some Korean Style Fried Chickin Chicken ^^


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