Serve it Hot!

103___011I am not supposed to blog about this now… but because I owe you guys one more post – here is another blog about my attempt in cooking.

For the past two weeks, it was my brother who cooked our meals at the studio. Like me, he’s a beginner when it comes to cooking! And just like me, we both have “beginners’ luck” at this game! Anyway, this isn’t my first time though to cook boiled pork with vegetables or “nilagang baboy” for dinner… but I felt so glad to create this delicious meal without looking or checking the recipe online! 

This meal is surprisingly easy to cook, all you have to do is to boil the pork and put all the other ingredients one after the other. Make sure though to put first those that will take time to cook (e.g. potatoes). I didn’t measure how many “patis” (fish sauce) nor vinegar did I pour, but I am pretty sure that I put only one tiny pinch of salt. Oh by the way, I always like my soup a bit spicy – so, here I used a “sinamak” (spiced vinegar). The spicy taste reduces that “err” feeling when you’re too full already.

…and yeah, best served with Coca-cola. haha. no – they didn’t pay me to write that :))


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