What Now? The Gap between Graduation and Employment

Graduation Photo with my family

It’s been almost a month since my university graduation. Yes. I am a recent broadcast communication graduate – a fresh prey for the hungry and aggressive industry out there. Nonetheless, I opted not to deal with it first despite the number of people who had been expecting to see my face plastered on their television screens or write a lengthy column in our local newspaper.

It’s been almost a month since my university graduation. My friends have stopped posting their bitch beach photos and instead, have started posting status about how their first day at work was. To top it all, some were too proud to have updated their facebook using their boss’ computer – wow. we have a badass over there (forgive the 9gag language) ….Nah, the truth is, I am always proud to see a friend’s name on television program credits or in any newspaper or magazine that I’ve read.

You should not compare yourself to others when finding/satisfying what pleases you.

This is what my professor told me. Although she was referring about how I should deal with my thesis – about not panicking when the others have already completed theirs, I am quite sure that this phrase is still applicable in dealing with the time idle I have after graduation.

No. I have not – not bothered about working on something after graduation. In fact, I have kept myself busy last March until April in getting a scholarship for a Masteral’s degree. I applied for the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) through our school and they forwarded my application to Kangwon National University. The said university failed to update us whether we passed the 1st selection or not; therefore, I started looking for another scholarship. My school asked if I was interested with the Asean University Network (AUN) Scholarship    – a Master’s degree in Korean Studies at Chulalongkorn University/Seoul National University.

It was very tempting. I wasn’t sure about passing the KGSP since I’ve heard that the competition this year was pretty tough. My school gave me a condition though – If I would apply for the AUN scholarship, I should forget about the KGSP even if I made it there or not. I had to decide in less than five days – that’s the deadline for the AUN scholarship application… Or, I had 2 weeks to wait for the KGSP final result.

That was, so far, the toughest decision making I’ve ever encountered in my adult life. To elaborate, I had been going to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs almost every night, talking to my former coordinator about it as if she were my psychologist or my guidance counselor. I weighed the pros and cons. First it was about the universities… then my interests. AUN scholarship will lead me to top universities in Asia however if I chose this scholarship, my career track (which I haven’t even started) will totally change – media to korean studies. Although I could find some reasons to make this two paths cross each other – both were still different.

To make this long story short — I chose to follow what my heart desires. I set aside the AUN scholarship and started preparing myself for the 2 weeks of torture in waiting for the KGSP result.

 April 30. expected date of KGSP announcement… postponed.

May 1. KGSP results were posted at the NIIED website.

The long nerve-wracking tummy-jerking wait is over. I passed the 2nd selection of the KGSP! However, the semester will start this August and that will give me almost three months of idle time.

It’s been almost a month since my university graduation. My friends are now busy working… and me? I’m planning on visiting several islands in my country and blog about it 🙂

ps. if you’re asking why I’m rooting for a Korean scholarship — please check this link 🙂

photo: taken by my brother’s wife (ate Gagang) during my college graduation. from left to right: Poohyan (my nephew), Kuya Eric, Papa, me, Mama, and Manong Revo.


One thought on “What Now? The Gap between Graduation and Employment

  1. hi can i just ask..
    how long does the government give you to look for a job? or do we have to come back as soon as the student visa expires?

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