Let’s talk about Love.

BLUE lovebird - get it?

Took this photo with my LG Optimus Black. This love bird is owned by my sister-in-law.

Before I rant about hearts and butterflies here, let me make it clear that I am one among the millions out there who’s NBSB (no boyfriend since birth).

My family had constantly reminded me that I should not enter in a relationship – not until I graduate from college. 어쟀든, it was never difficult for me to obey them because I was always surrounded by fun-loving friends! You see, I never understood the difference of getting a boyfriend with having lots of friends – similar to how I turn down sororities because I already have an organization who were there for me as a friend/family throughout my college years.

Asking why I never had one has become the most common conversation starter to me. Instead of being grateful, I am often bothered by this. No. I am no man-hater. In fact, I have loved a lot of people already! There’s Won Bin, Donghae, Kim John Hoon, Yonghwa, and even Vanness Wu of that Taiwanese Drama – Meteor Garden. Geesh.

Despite this, I am fascinated by how many of my friends come to me and ask for  my advice for their relationship problems… be it straight, gay, lesbo, or bi love – interesting, huh?  I am surprised myself, perhaps drooling in-front of my laptop watching korean dramas were no waste of time after all! But seriously, if I were to summarize what my advises were – it could be,

If love were a pizza, trust could be the crust that holds the other things you do, feel, and experience when in love. Ahh, so cheesy.

k. my quote above is so. i couldn’t elaborate it more.


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