Growing up in a small town called Naawan

Street dance by Tuboran

Photo taken using my LG Optimus black, a street dance performance by people from Tuboran, Naawan.

Ha? taga-Mindanao ka? Ang puti mo naman.**

First “racism” I’ve ever encountered during my freshman year. I was appalled by the naive personality of the person sitting right in front of me. I didn’t hate her that much; instead, I pitied her lack of knowledge of her own country. I’ve always assumed that this “Manila-centric” ideals have transformed into modern myths – I didn’t expect that some proud UPCAT passer could be that judgmental.

It has always been a bit difficult for me to explain where I live not until that Sendong tragedy occurred. Cool. Now, everyone knows that CDO is not always a can of corned beef. Sadly though, thousands of lives had to be washed away just to mark a name on a map. However, I am not from Cagayan de Oro city…

Perhaps a one and a half hour ride in a sleek-to-bumpy-and-dusty road from CDO will take you to my hometown. I couldn’t remember any adjective attached to it before — but now, they (you can say, we) claim to be called the Municipality of Friendly Naawan. Cute.

I could set up an entire new blog if I wish to spill all my childhood stories in this humble abode; however, my intentions in writing this post was purely to greet the “Naawanons” a wonderful and much blessed fiesta!

Looking at the children while they dance to the beat of the drums, I became enthralled of how each of them would grow up! I mean, I could’t remember participating on a street dance in our plaza – but I do have photos of myself waltzing there! Oh yes, I knew how to dance when I was younger. I think everyone is always better when they were younger. 

Although I couldn’t say hi to every familiar face that I saw today, I wish they knew that I am proud of them… Friends who climbed mango trees with me back then, classmates who bought me ice candies during grade school, and my parents’ colleagues who often pinch my face and exclaim how I never grow tall!

My mom is begging me to go out – out to socialize with my old friends. I was always hesitant because I am lazy shy coward enough to do such.. but, how can  I be the godmother of my childhood friends if I wouldn’t mingle with them?  Weird, huh? But seriously, haven’t you promised the same thing to your friends also? If not a godmother, perhaps a bride’s maid on their wedding? Well, I guess I should stop liking facebook updates now and start calling my friends over… just like the old days 🙂

** What? You’re from Mindanao? You have such white complexion to be one!


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