The Simple Life

Lawis, Batasan Island, Bohol

one sunny afternoon at Lawis port

This is the most appropriate time to dismiss Marx and just… be thankful with God’s creations

’twas just the first few words my professor uttered as we swamped in such a magnificent sandbar only the locals knew. The opportunity to enjoy a place in a not-so-touristy manner made my second time in Bohol quite different and memorable. Living in an island of less than a kilometer, I got to know a handful of people in less than a week!

Truly, the people in this island live a simple life. Electricity’s available only from 6pm until 10pm and water? well, now I know why the “rain dance” was invented. People here, including us during our stay, kept praying for rain on a hot summer day. We used rainwater when taking a bath, brushing our teeth, and washing our clothes. Seawater, on the other hand, is reserved to wipe our asses off (if you know what I mean).

Although there seemed to be a scarce in water, the abundance of food was too much as a compromise. Seafood is cheap. The locals were fond of telling us that the food we ate cost thousands when sold in the mainland – but in this island, it was priceless! Surprise! Their humble personalities amazed me, they give out food for free and they are even much willing to tour us in various places!

Ang Sabayang Pag-iyak ng mga Baboy” (When the pigs cried out together) – again, my professor smiled as he thinks that this would be a great title for his next essay.  An island with only a 100+ household, 200 pigs were slaughtered the night before the town fiesta. I almost had a “high-blood pressure” the next day.  Too much fat, too much calories, too much… just too much. 

Abundance is evil. Hunger for abundance is the root of all evil. FYI, I’m sick right now, and my dad said it’s because I had too much fun last week. See?


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