Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Sun and Sand

frantic under the summer sun

March 31. Supposedly the last stretch day of summer here in the Philippines. My Social Media feeds are already bombarded by last minute photo album uploads of bitches err beaches. I say, some have mustered enough courage to post their photos in bikinis/trunks despite their abundance or lack thereof 😉

I just wanna be on the beach — sunburn!

Well, you see, most Filipinas dream of a perfect glowing white skin. Don’t ask me why, several studies have been conducted already to answer that. What I just wanted to say is that… If there’s a better way to enjoy summer, it is to prepare oneself that it is okay to get that tan! If one is afraid to have it, well, wouldn’t it be interesting to challenge those whitening products that promise to give you that white err pinkish glow in just 7~14 days? Haha.

Alas, goodbye summer!


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