What’s on your Android?

For yuppies in the urbs, a smartphone is definitely a must-have. I got my first smartphone a month after I came back from South Korea. I bought the Samsung Galaxy Ace (which did not even last for a month with me!) You see, that’s the first downside of getting a smartphone – you should always be wary of your surroundings. Someone stole my first hard-earned gadget just a few weeks after the first day of class. I grieved for almost a semester – 6 months to be exact.

It was a push and pull feeling. My heart crumpled every time I see an Ace but it becomes worse the moment I saw the prices of smartphones sky rocketing. The urge to get a new one was too much, I ending up buying an LG Optimus Black.

What attracted me to this device (besides the fact that I was avoiding any Samsung product because it reminds me of my first smartphone) is its sleek design. It is very feminine for its thin and light structure. Moreover, it comes with a flash at the back and a front camera – which is always a handy pleasure for vain freaks like me. Wait, did I just say vain freaks? What does it even mean… Geesh.

It’s an Android – so it’s pretty easy to manage and very efficient with almost anything, be it work or play. Now, since I only use the 2GB memory card that comes for free when I bought my LG – I had to install and uninstall applications that I think is not needed as of the moment.

There are just too many applications on Google Play and you have to carefully select which apps suits you and your phone best. As a disclaimer: my LG phone have pre-installed apps like FB, Twitter, and Gmail. Also, its browser is flash-ready. The applications that I might mention in this post are leaned more on photography, communications, and a little on work.

Essential Android Apps

What’s on your Android?

Let me introduce the apps from your Left – Right (you may click on the links for more details and if you wish to download the application from GooglePlay)

  • Skype – Well, this is an optional item if you really don’t have many friends who uses this program. In fact, other messengers are. Skype offers the basic video call you get from their PC counterpart.
  • Kakao Talk (KaTalk) – if your have many Korean friends (well, I have a handful), this is quite helpful to get in touch with them. From my observations, Koreans don’t often patronize mainstream American products; instead, they create their own. The updated version allows people to call other KaTalk users already. PS. I love the Kakao Story App as well.
  • Cover Art Downloader – browsing music on your android device, don’t you find it ugly or bothering every time you see an album without an image? Well, you may think that this app isn’t that necessary but later on… you would agree with me and say, “I know how it feels bro
  • After Focus –  Who says only DSLR users are capable of creating a depth-of-field on their images? This superb android app surprised me with its creative capabilities of editing the foreground, middle ground, and background of the photos you’ve taken (even with your device’s native cam).
  • Camera 360 – this was probably the very first app I’ve downloaded in my smartphone. It’s very easy to use and it offers so many photo effects. My favorite is Magic Skin (it’s so effective you wouldn’t need any concealer for your eye bags or your pimples).
  • CamScanner – we always have those emergency calls to send certain document online when we’re on a vacation somewhere not in the office! Luckily, this application helps us scan documents and send it in .pdf format. My only problem with the free version (and i’m not sure about the paid) is that the final output has a tiny watermark at the bottom of every page you’ve scan — but that’s just it!
  • Screen Filter – turning off the laptop at midnight doesn’t immediately mean an end on browsing the internet if you have a smartphone. But when the lights are turned off, the brightness on your phone’s display is just too much. No matter how much you lessen its brightness – you would really need some help to ease that eyesore display. Play with your phone a little longer at night/dawn with this app.
  • Offline Dictionaries – the only reason why I have this in my android, it is because I have been searching for a Kor-Eng and Eng-Kor dictionary which I could use even without a wi-fi connection. Apart from Korean, you can download Spanish, French, English, and other language database with this application.

I still have a handful of applications here but I might just save it for another blog post next time. If you have any questions about the android apps that I use, feel free to ask through the comment box. Have a great day! 🙂


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