You’ve got to love gStrings!

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this definitely helps anyone get that wonderful rhythm.

Wait… Wait a second. What were you thinking?

Of course, I was talking about the android application you could use to tune your guitar. I believe we’re in the same channel, aren’t we? 


just my guitar.

Now, if you could remember, my guitar skills are… well… I don’t have any guitar skills. I did try my best to Google “easy songs I could play in my guitar” and followed it. It’s been a long time since I’ve paid attention to my guitar and when I took it out for a little jamming this afternoon, I was terribly shocked by the weird sound it produced. I panicked a little. Nobody in our house knew how to tune a guitar, but I believed in the potential of THIS GENERATION, where they say the internet can tell you everything – and voila, it did.

I picked gStrings out of the many applications and tutorials out there. Now, you’re probably wondering how I tuned my guitar using this app? Well, it was pretty simple. First, I had to open this YouTube Video to help me identify which string was E, A, or G! This YT Video also helped me checked whether the app was reliable. When the video was ready, I opened the application and chose which string I wanted to tune. The trick here is to put the ticker at the spot marked red- once you get it, it’s bulls-eye for you! Easy, huh? I’ll leave you with two more tips: when using this application, make sure you optimize it for guitar use (you can see this on the settings menu) and lastly, do find a quiet spot when you tune your guitar with this app because it’s quite sensitive with dog barks, passing vehicles, and even your laptop’s machine.


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