A Bad Year for Manny?

The Game.

I went to church before watching the fight today. I wasn’t surprised when the pastor’s sermon had a few remarks about Manny Pacquiao. Almost every Filipino is concerned with every match Pacquiao enters – whether he wins or not.

I am not a big fan of boxing; however, like probably for a couple of people out there, I am forced to watch the game because I wouldn’t have any choice – Pacquiao would have to be the topic for dinner tonight and I just had to have a word for it.

Now, everyone were glued in their seat when the game started. First four rounds and people in my Facebook feed started posting comments about Pacquiao being the obvious winner. I could have agreed with them not until the 9th round. Pacquiao became weak and Bradley kept punching him on the sides. I really don’t know the rules in boxing, even the basics of how points are given to boxers. So, when the game was over, I just waited for the results to be announced. And, boom! Pacquiao loses the game.

My two cents

My two cents

I wasn’t really excited about the results; however, I was more interested with how Filipinos would react to his loss. Some were dismayed, many were angry, and a bunch of people were saying that the results were a bogus! Another interesting remark was about this certain “16th fight curse of Manny Pacquiao” The most interesting observation I had though was the wittiness of Filipinos – now my social feeds are jammed with several memes of Senator Miriam Santiago, Claudine Barreto, etc. reacting to Paquiao-Bradley fight.


Memes (photos grabbed from friends’ facebook wallposts – no sources were indicated there, sorry)

Of course, I had my own cup of opinions – but it wasn’t exactly about the fight. I’d probably turn on my television tonight to hear more comments about the game.

A Failure in Manny?

Gambling, Politics, Entertainment, and Religion – certain things only Manny (and a few trapos) can pull off. It is interesting how he gets praised by many religious leaders for his spiritual transformation. Well, as a Christian I am happy for him too. But, isn’t it ironic of him to preach the gospel when his life and his household clings to his boxing match – which is at core, a gambling business. I wouldn’t know how he is in church, but I did read news about him being criticized after leaving a bad remark towards homosexuals.

Apart from that, I am terribly concerned how he manages his responsibility as a government official when he not only juggles his boxing matches but he is also busy being a ninong” (godfather) to the masa.

Onto the lighter side, it was really awkward for me when I heard Jessica Sanchez sang the National Anthem of the USA. She was great, alright? But, after remembering how many Filipinos were rooting for her to win the AI because she was __% Filipino, I am probably as disappointed as Manny Pacquiao after he failed to get her to sing our National Anthem instead. Aww.

Being a no-brainer in the boxing industry, I’d probably blame aging for Manny’s loss. We’re still half-way this year, so good luck Manny!


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