Nailed it!

Finally, the agony of waiting has ended.

After months of torturous suspense, the KGSP/NIIED just released the 3rd selection results today. And it is an honor to announce that yours truly is one of the finalists. Different from what I’ve expected though, I wouldn’t be studying in Kangwon National U for my language course. Instead, KGSP assigned me at Jeonju University.

I was a bit disheartened. I wanted a new environment, and Jeonju? Well, I’ve visited this place already – thanks to Mr. Park, the director of  CNU’s International Affairs Department. The place is great, especially the avenue where the Hanoks (Korean style houses) line up; however, I just had a little embarrassing moment right there.

Let's go Night Clubbing they said, It's gonna be fun they said.

Let’s go Night Clubbing they said, It’s gonna be fun they said.

To make the long story short, well… my friends and I mistakenly went inside a night club! You didn’t get the joke, right? Actually, night clubs are for the ajumma/ajohssi (aunts/uncles in their 40s) and where we were supposed to go was just a club! CLUB not NIGHT CLUB.

But, that’s just it. Jeonju, as I remember, is a peaceful city just like Gwangju and I wish I could meet and be friends with a lot of people there! So, fighting!


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