Fake it or just Hum it


노래방 (karaoke) – best stress reliever, so far.

I love singing. I do. But I can’t assure you that I have the best voice (or even just the voice) to sing a song. I pick up recent music tracks a month or even a year late that is why I am not very familiar with song titles or music artists. So, when I’m in the karaoke room with my friends, I often find it difficult to choose songs because I have no idea what songs do I know!

In gloomy or rainy days like the ones we’re having right now, listening to music and singing to it is probably the best time consuming activity we could possibly do. We sing while we update our Facebook status, we shout like we’re having a concert in our bathrooms, or we just hum the tune while lying down on our bed, reading a lovely novel.

But did you know that sometimes, we are making a joke out of ourselves while we sing? (Or… maybe, it applies to me only?)

I suck in singing songs in correct lyrics.

I mean, would you believe that I thought “Smooth Criminal” was a Japanese-English song? For 21 years, I’ve been singing Michael Jackson’s piece this way:

Haryu woke, yu woke, yu woke, haru

Haryu woke, yu woke, yu woke, haru,

Haryu, woke, yu woke, yo woke haru

You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by a Smooth Criminal

Go ahead, do the infamous :facepalm: for me.

It does not stop there. Sometimes, my friends and I play this game with songs. The first person will sing a song and stops at a particular word. The next person should start singing a song using the last word mentioned by the former and blah blah blah. This game gets more exciting when the player often use common words like love, you, and bye — because just like magic, you suddenly couldn’t think of any other songs having those words. In my case, I often end making up new lyrics to the song (can’t they just consider it a remix?)

Bye Bye Miss American Fly,

Oh the shello to the hello and the whisky is dry

Don Mclean – American Pie

No matter how many times I listen to a song, I am not really driven to Google its lyrics because most of the time, my instinct tells me that I am doing a great job and that my eardrums aren’t impaired for me to hear hallucinations of some sorts. Take for example, Taio Cruz’ Dynamite. I first heard of this song when I boarded a plane to Tokyo. I think it was a playlist with 12 songs (Billionaire, Bad Romance, Like a G6 etc.) so you could probably compute how many times I listened to this song for the entire trip. Unfortunately, it seemed like my LSS (last song syndrome) was wrong.

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes

Saying Eyoooo… Galileo!

I wanna celebrate and live my life,

saying Eyooo… Galileo!

I never questioned why people would praise Galileo and raise their hands for him in this song – after all, he’s a great inventor, right?

Singing is great. Blurting out the wrong lyrics doesn’t immediately cause you embarrassment – people will find it funny but they won’t probably look down on you just because. Don’t let ignorance or fear pull you back. Stand up and sing! Or… just hum if you’re too shy to make mistakes.


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