I Bid Multiply.com Goodbye

Friendster, a popular social networking site before, decided to reformat its website early last year. This year, Multiply.com posted in its website that they will be doing the same. Formerly known as the cyber closet of memories, the said website wishes to divert their focus fully on ecommerce.  According to their notice, they will discontinue their content sharing service starting on December 1st; however, they promised their subscribers that they will provide easier means to download old entries (hopefully, they can figure out a way to save everything in just one click!)

I started using Multiply six years ago (2006). It served as the virtual outlet of my rants. I didn’t have any issues about privacy then nor was I anxious about writing in a certain form or on a certain topic – what I knew before is that I feel relieved every time I write about my experiences.

Multiply Welcome Page

My Welcome Ahoy in Multiply.com (2009 entry)

I feel sad about having to say goodbye to another online memoir. I may be able to save the entries of my account but I am just not sure if the comments will be included. Actually, the fun begins in the comment section where random people or your friends praise you, tease you, or even bully you. Other than that, if you have been using multiply for a long time, you will see a clear distinction of how your writing style have changed (in my case: from jejemon to a bekimon, then just plain standard writing).

I think it’s time we get back to old ways – collecting pictures in photo albums, slipping letters in old books, and sitting on the shade sharing stories with good friends. New technology may serve us for a cheaper price but if everything we invest on it goes down the drain then I might as well pay for ways that would definitely keep my cherished sentiments for generations.  Let’s not wait for Zuckerberg to announce that Facebook will bug down its services so I’ll be leaving you with a few tips on how to keep those memories alive.


1. Download your favorite photos from Multiply/Facebook/other social networking site and create a Photobook. Don’t settle for a digital photobook – print your material! If your photo has funny comments on it, go on and screencap. If you find Photoshop too complex, Microsoft Powerpoint is a good alternative in creating one. Click on Save As – JPEG and you’re good to go.

2. Videos eat up a big amount of your laptop’s memory, transfer it to cyber drives like Dropbox. Make sure to label it properly. I’m not sure how long external hard drives live but you can also save your files here for easier access. Oh, if you’re wondering how to download videos from multiply, then click this!

3. If you think your blog entries are worth reading – publish it on paper! or you can just print it and have it bound.

4. Make the three tips above your habit every time you post something on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram ♥


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