KGSP Orientation (Day 2)

Day 2 seemed like a mini field trip for KGSP scholars. We went on a trip to Yangdong Village, Pohang City Hall, POSCO, and Sae Maeul. None of these places were considered Gyeongju tourist spots that much. We had to travel for almost an hour to get from one place to another, and this made us really tired towards the end of the day. I was happy to know though that we were going to places I have never been. I learned so much from that day and I could even tell you that Pohang might probably be my second favorite city – next to Busan. My favorite part of the trip aside from being welcomed warmly by the mayor of Pohang, was when we went to POSCO.

POSCO Steel Manufacturing Company

POSCO Steel Manufacturing Company: Haven’t taken many photos because it was not allowed.

POSCO is a steel manufacturing company in Korea and is considered the best in Asia, and maybe in the world. There are more than 8000 people who work for this company and this tells us that this is indeed a big help to the community in terms of providing jobs. Apart from that, POSCO is promoting an eco-zone city, starting from planting more than a million trees in the factory area. When we were inside POSCO, it didn’t feel nor smell like I was in a certain factory – there were sprinklers on the street side to prevent the place from being dusty, and the trees helped in absorbing Carbon Dioxide and other bad gases. The staff of Posco led us inside the shaping and cutting area of steel and boy, I told my friends that I felt like I was a five year old who was so amazed in the process! Indeed, I was! Everything was fast and sufficient plus not a soul was inside apart from us, because the equipments were all computerized. I couldn’t help but think of the factories back at home (going to Iligan City) — those factories have to see POSCO and follow their principles (re: environment at least).

Other photos of the trip (If you want to use my photos, please give me credits and/or link borrowed photos here in my blog)

First Stop (Yangdong Village)

Yangdong Village

Yangdong Village: UNESCO World Heritage site due to well preserved folk houses.

Panoramic View of Yangdong Village

Panoramic View of Yangdong Village

Second stop: Gyeongju World Expo

On the way to the expo

Street sign on the way to the expo

Unusual Tower at the heart of the Expo Area

Unusual Tower at the heart of the Expo Area

Unknown structure

Unknown structure: We weren’t able to visit all the buildings due to time constraints.

Another unknown structure

Another unknown structure: Please comment below if you have any idea what this is.


Auditorium where we watched a short 3D movie about Silla Dynasty. The movie featured one of my favorite actors (Kim Jeong Hoon) πŸ™‚

Mini Silla Dynasty

Mini Silla Dynasty

View from the unusual tower

View from the unusual tower

Third Stop: Pohang City hall for lunch πŸ™‚

The Welcome Band for KGSP Scholars

The Welcome Band for KGSP Scholars πŸ™‚

Mayor of Pohang giving us his welcome address

Mayor of Pohang giving us his welcome address (Lovely!)

Everyone loves flowers :)

Everyone loves flowers πŸ™‚

Pohang City Hall

A very modern design of Pohang City Hall!

Fourth Stop: POSCO Steel Manufacturing Factory

Principles of POSCO Steel Manufacturing Company

Principles of POSCO Steel Manufacturing Company

Last Stop

μƒˆλ§ˆμ„ (Sae Maaeul - New Village)

μƒˆλ§ˆμ„ (Sae Maaeul – New Village)


5 thoughts on “KGSP Orientation (Day 2)

  1. Wow!! I can’t wait to experience all that!! I’m a 2013 KGSP grantee :D, will be living in Jeonju the first year for the language instruction. Pohang city looks really nice! Thanks for sharing your orientation in this blog, it makes me feel more at ease with all the process of entering Korea… since I come from a very different country and culture, I have to admit I am super nervous :S

      • NIIED hasn’t send the e-tickets yet, but since I live on the opposite side of the planet, and it takes me around 34 hours to get to Korea, I will be probably flying between the 23rd and 26th of august, and will be arriving to Korea between the 25th and 28th. They said there will be people waiting for us in Incheon Airport from Jeonju Uni πŸ˜€ I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts about Jeonju β™₯

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