2012 | A Year of Risks and Rewards

People who think they are ordinary, are people who do not take risks at all. I’m not saying that I am superb, but at least I got to know myself little by little in every challenge that pushed me beyond the limits I have thought of for myself.

The first few months were a little rough on me physically, mentally, and even psychologically. I mean, besides the demands from my academic responsibilities, I was trapped in a box of uncertainties and insecurities days before my graduation day. What’s gonna happen to me? Where to go? What to do now? How to start? I wanted to keep everything all to myself and find solutions on my own. It sounds proud, arrogant, and selfish, but in reality – I realized it was just being coward.

Coward. is about. being afraid of telling other people how you really feel about yourself. If you can’t fight yourself, how will you be successful in facing other problems?

Apart from my family, I was lucky to be surrounded with friends who frequently share to me their life stories. From them I learned to be weak and dependent more open. I’ve overcome my being awkward in sharing personal stuff – and that alone, saved me from hell.

Life is too witty, it slapped me with so many friends this year – a variety of them! Young and old, nerds, party-goers, Gangnam Style fans, and from the last few months, a handful of 위국인 (foreigners).  To learn from their good and bad experiences, to accept criticisms from them, to try to even care about other people, and to keep in mind that I am not alone in this world – these were just a few damn good things I got from taking the risk of saying “Hi” to them.

You might think it’s a little over the top to make “greetings” a big deal – but that greeting can go a long way. I put my foot forward to professors and now they’re my mentors. I reached out my hand to University officials and from them I got a few options of life-career opportunities. I embraced acquaintances and now I am guaranteed with friends, real ones. I introduced myself to certain people – and you can say, that’s what brought me now in my dream-like reality. I took a lot of risks this year – but this is probably the best one I’ve ever done, the most rewarding one.

I smile as I traced back 2012.  Not a single painful/regretful/unlikable memory was evident. It felt like God has been tapping my shoulders all these time saying, “Well done my dear, you’ve worked so hard so I’m giving you all these blessings of opportunities, happiness, and love”.

A few more minutes and it will be 2013. Although my curiosity of what’s going to happen next year may be a hundred percent more, my appreciation and satisfaction for every second of my present life still prevails.

Happy New Year!

Thank You and may God bless us more 🙂


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