Mini updates.

Season fit for TOPIK

Season fit for TOPIK, I think ;p

Sorry for being MIA (missing-in-action, that is) for a long time. Maybe I fell in love. Love can be the answer to everything right? Naaaaah, not for TOPIK. Speaking of, the office is requiring us to take TOPIK this July. I don’t really understand why, when a lot of us has passed the level 3 requirement already last January. So far, the language training here in Jeonju is o-kaaaaaaay. Well, the teachers are okay, they are doing their job – and just to be fair, it’s all up to the person if you would want to learn or not. Just a tip for incoming scholars, if you are not able to open up to new culture, say, duh, Korean – then might as well ignore this program because really, no matter how smart you are, if you don’t want to accept their culture/language/lifestyle then you will really have a HARD time. I’ve seen a lot of people wanting to give up. I pity them. But then again, if you are really smart – being open minded should not be very difficult right? Also. Prepare to forget your English or even your native language when you stay here. I know. My heart is shattered to pieces already.

Once again, I’m sorry for no updates. Nothing really much happened. Life was just school-dorm-school-dorm, you didn’t miss a lot. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing either. Well, that’s it for now! 🙂


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