Beoryeong Mud Festival

Yesterday was our last cultural trip (문화 체험) as Jeonju Superstars. Together with non-kgsp korean language students, we took an hour and a half trip to Daejon, Dacheon Beach for the Boryeong Mud Festival.

Mud Festival

Everyone were excited for the said trip. Our bus left the university around 7:30 in the morning to catch the festival activities. The morning weather was considerate – just the right amount of sun for a day on the beach. Since we arrived pretty early, there weren’t so many people yet in the area. At 10am, the booths (i.e. mud body painting, face painting, mud face mask, and the inflatable tubes for mud games, 등) have opened already. Right after our teachers gave us our tickets, we immediately rushed to the beach!

Welcome Ahoy!

Welcome Ahoy!

Welcome to Boryeong City!

Welcome to Boryeong City!

Mud Body Painting

Mud Body Painting – available for free 🙂

Get colorfully muddy! :D

Get colorfully muddy! 😀

Face Painting

They said your skin will be smoother if you put mud on it, so go, ask your friend or mom to put mud on your face!

My friends actually told me beforehand that they weren’t going to play with the mud because they read somewhere that it is possible to acquire certain diseases by that. Well, I was for the experience and not the place so I joined where “my” crowd was.

The beach.

“Mel, are the beaches in the Philippines clean?” asked my friend while we were floating in the murky sea. “Oh my. Our beaches are waaaay cleaner than this. This isn’t the sea, it feels like we are on the river! Yikes! A chicken feather? Really?” I wasn’t exaggerating. Really. The beach almost looked like my morning cup of coffee. I felt like I could get the “disease” in the seawater rather than in the mud area. But anyway, like what I said, I was there for the fun and experience with my friends 😉

Just a few minutes of sulking in the water, we went out and started strolling in the seashore. As I was carrying a dslr and a tripod (because without it, i doubt if i’ll have a photo of myself at the end of the day), once in a while, some random stranger would call us and ask me if i could take photos of them with my friends. It would have been okay if those strangers would act normal and not giddy giddy, err, i don’t even know what giddy giddy means. But there.

Key locks!

Lockers are available around the area. Very smart and fashionable idea of having an anklet to keep your keys.

Couple <3

Couple Shot ❤

I took several photos of my friends, the place, and other things; however, this morning, as I was organizing the photos I realized that I wasn’t able to capture the “Mud Festival” itself. Well, maybe because it wasn’t how I expected it to be. Perhaps if you google ‘mud festival’, the photos that will appear are well angled photos of an activity happening in a small tube filled with mud, with people trying to pose a happy face because a lot of photographers were watching and of course, taking pictures of them! (Just mere observation ♥)

After doing a mudfull(ish) of fun, we went to the women’s shower room to clean up. The moment my friend opened the door of the shower room, I got my first culture shock after being in Korea for 11 months already! SPG. Too much tanned nakedness going on in one place that I went on the corner and didn’t join the bandwagon. This is why I never go to public saunas (Jjimjjilbang in Korean). Wait, did i wrote too much details? [PS. Shower cost 2000 won]

Anyway, we had our lunch after. We had a spicy fish soup and several Korean side dishes to go with it. It was delicious. The other students ordered crab soup, and the others who couldn’t eat seafood had a dish made out of eggs ( 계란찜?). After a good lunch, we heades back to Jeonju – tanned and tired.

More P.S. I had thirteen hours of sleep after yesterday’s trip – that’s how exhausted i was :))

Visit Korea

Still active Visit Korea Program 🙂


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