Let us help Typhoon Haiyan victims!


We encourage you donate money rather than sending goods. Being a thousand miles away, it is a little difficult to transfer goods. These money will be used in providing medicine and food to the typhoon victims.

November 9, 2013 – some said it was the strongest typhoon that struck the Philippines. Nonetheless, a death of a single person is a very devastating news for his or her love ones. As of the moment, more than one thousand casualties and missing persons  have been reported. Also, many of the typhoon victims are struggling to survive right now. Thus, our nation grieves and the whole world condoles.

There has been no electricity since the typhoon made its landfall last Saturday. The strong winds destroyed all towers for communication network signal and major roads/bridges in affected areas were impassable. These destruction makes it difficult for most people to transport relief goods to victims.

Here in South Korea, the Filipino Scholars in Korea (PIKO) is currently accepting relief goods  at Hyehwa Catholic Church on November 17, 2013 (Sunday). Please refer to the image below.

Relief Goods drop off

Relief Goods drop off

Our sincere gratitude to everyone who expressed their concern to our beloved nation – the Philippines! God bless us all 🙂


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