48Hour Film Project (Seoul)

The Pinoy Scholars in Korea (PIKO) joined the second 48Hour film project held in Seoul last weekend.


PIKO's 48hour film project (seoul) 'Watching Over'

This project invites filmmakers to create a 3~7minute film from scratch (scriptwriting, shooting, editing 등) within the 48hour deadline. On the first day, participants will have to pick their genre (sci-fi, comedy, romance 등) and will be given certain elements that should appear or be included in their film.

This year’s elements are: (1) A jobless korean, (2) a cup of coffee, and (3) the phrase “원래 세상을 그런거야.”

This year 31 teams entered the competition and the only Philippine contingent, PIKO, is among the 26 teams who made it on time. This will give the team a chance to garner awards.

The screening of these films will be on December 7 (Saturday) at Artnine Theater (Isu station line 7, exit No. 7.) Art Nine is located on the 12th floor of the yellow Gold Cinema Building.

Tickets will be 7,000won per film.

PIKO’s film, ‘Watching Over’, will be shown at 3:50pm but the organizers suggest that people should arrive thirty minutes before the screening time.

Please support our film 🙂


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