My Crib: What a Korean One Room (원룸) looks like

Most people have always been praising me about how I’ve lived my life independently. However, staying in the comforts of a dormitory is no different from your parents asking some relatives to look after you. It’s like being caged in a Panopticon where all of your actions are being monitored. Nonetheless, I’ve always wanted to live outside the school. I’ve always wondered how it feels like to manage the bills, the food, and other expenses. Apart from that though, what really made me decide to leave the dormitory was because it took me almost 30~40 minutes to get to my class – walking. Last semester, after one friend taught me how to get a taxi by one phone call, I ended up calling the taxi every morning and it cost me 2,500 every ride.

If you are a student in Korea who (1) is in a budget (2) does not want to stay in the dormitory (3) hates curfew – then the most affordable type of accommodation you can get is the 원룸 (One room). There are several types of one room. Some are furnished with bed, desk, and closet. Some have kitchen, some don’t. Some includes electricity, water and heater in the payment, while some has to pay it separately. And the list goes on. The more things that are included in a one room, the higher the amount will be. Also, you have to take note of the 보증금 (read: Bo-Jeung-Geum), deposit. Here in Chuncheon, the deposit for one rooms can range from 500,000 won to 2 million won. Don’t worry, when your contract ends you can take it back.

Anyway, last winter break, I found an empty room with a personal kitchen and bathroom for a very cheap price! My room costs only 160,000 a month and this includes an unlimited water, electricity, (centralized) heating and a 100Mbps unlimited internet. Boy, I was so lucky! The deposit was just 500,000 won only too! Although we share the washing machine, our building is equipped with CCTVs – which means, I’m pretty safe here. [ Don’t worry mama and papa 😉 ]

Since I got an empty room, I was very excited to buy my own stuff. I did some online shopping at for the bed, closet, chair, etc. And for the small stuff, I got them from my favorite shops – Daiso and Artbox. Right now, my room is still 89% complete. I’m still planning to buy a new curtain and some carpet for the floor. Here’s a screen capture of the items I bought online!

I love online shopping ;)

I love online shopping 😉

Well, it looks like it wasn’t that expensive from what I’ve imagined it to be! Anyway, I’ll be sharing to you guys photos of my room. I haven’t included the kitchen nor the bathroom here. I’ll post it soon 🙂

My bed

My bed – well, not really, but this is comfortable, especially with fluffy comforters 🙂


Oh, did I mention that the owner gives free refrigerators for every room? Sweet 😉


The black shelf was my friend's trash. Tehee. What a treasure! By the way, meet smokey :)

The black shelf was my friend’s trash. Tehee. What a treasure! By the way, meet smokey 🙂

Just some artsy photo of my hangers and my impatience (of assembling the closet) :3

Just some artsy photo of my hangers and my impatience (of assembling the closet) :3

My desk. Clean and pretty. And that blurred picture. don't even ask. Haha.

My desk. Clean and pretty. And that blurred picture. don’t even ask. Haha.


Probably everything. A little messy, but right now I cover my closet with a pretty scarf to avoid the clutter.

View from the kitchen :)

View from the kitchen 🙂

and lastly, everyone’s favorite.

my fluffy chair ;)

my fluffy chair 😉

Anyway, that’s all for now. I hope this blog gave you an idea of what a one room may look like or how you could decorate your own place 😉


4 thoughts on “My Crib: What a Korean One Room (원룸) looks like

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  2. Oh! I got that chair too! I also want to move on the winter break, I guess you study at KNU? (as do I), do you mind giving me some good advice to find a good room? I can only afford a 500.000 deposit. Oh, and I already have that chair!

    • Hello, sorry for the late reply! You may have found a place already by this time kkk but if not, you can try strolling at humun, there are a lot of one-rooms there. and the deposit may range from 500-1,000. you can also try asking the owner to reduce the deposit, chances are they’re going to increase the monthly pay with that deal 🙂 again, sorry!

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