Unfriending You

Dear friend,

I don’t even know if the word ‘unfriending’ exist as my computer keeps underlining it with a red mark; nonetheless, dear (facebook) friend, I am unfriending you for the following reasons:

1. I have never seen any of your post in my news feed for more than a year or so. You see, I have this habit before of keeping valuable things; however, my dad told me that if there is something that I’ve kept inside a box and haven’t used for a long time or even remembered what it was, then it is better to just throw it away. No worries. No regrets. You’ve survived a year without it. It may sound quite harsh as people are not things, but you get my point. It doesn’t mean that I’m breaking our (real) friendship. This act of unfriending is just my personal choice of keeping the people close to me, closer. Also, you are not to blame, it’s Facebook that is. They’ve program this website in such a manner that I don’t get updated about you more often.

2. Congratulations on your superb marketing skills! But please, don’t you think showing off cars and cash is way too overboard? Your consistent online glorification of your business (which is obviously, err, a kind of networking-slash-pyramiding) is getting on my nerve already. You don’t have to preach me about how close-minded I am. I know so well how these things work and basically it is stripping a newbie his or her hard-earned money… and the cycle goes on and on.

3. We only met once and we barely talked that time. You’re no different from a stranger. So, let’s talk more often someday and be friends once again in the future, okay? No hard feelings *fist bump*

4. I don’t recognize you anymore. Either you changed your name into something jeje or your profile picture is some artist that I do not know of. Those artists have their personal accounts, why bother imitating them?

5. I don’t know you and I don’t know how you ended up in my list. Yes, you may know my parents, my brothers, my sisters or even my dogs, but I do not know you. We may come from the same town, graduate from the same school, have the same last name – but, I’m sorry. I cannot accept or keep you from my list. See number 3.

So far, these are the common reasons why I click the unfriend button. You might think ‘what a selfish brat this girl is!’ But really, you will thank me soon. I already have a friend who complained about how I bombarded her feed with my selfies, how I posted too many food porn, and how I announced too many nonsense things on Facebook. I don’t want you to suffer all those consequences, specially that the foundation of our friendship is still, err, non-existent.

Anyway, maybe, you haven’t unfriended me yet. Maybe, you’ve just click ‘hide’ for my notification. Or maybe, you barely check your Facebook. All is fair. Our friendship is not measured by social media anyway.

‘Till then my so-called friend. Will look forward to bond with you, for real 😉


your ex. well, your ex-friend for that matter.

PS. Here’s a sunflower to make up for it 🙂



4 thoughts on “Unfriending You

    • Thank you! 😀 If you have some things you may want to know about Korea or something that you would suggest to me to write, just tell me and i’d be glad to try! 🙂

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