What’s a Healing Trip?

Here in South Korea, hell week comes right on the last few weeks of June just before the summer vacation starts. I had to cram for loads of papers and presentations (in Korean!) and had to bear sleepless nights just to get through with it. Luckily, a day right after I’ve submitted all my school works, was the day when I have to leave for a Monthly Mission as a Wow Korea Supporter.  It may sound like an arduous task, but it is definitely far from that. The concept for this month’s trip is healing (I sure am lucky!). But, what’s a healing trip and where do I go?

Healing trip (힐링 여행) is a kind of concept which is getting popular here in Korea. It is almost similar to a retreat where you go far from urban places and take a refreshing break away from work or other source of stress. People often go to far flung areas for a healing trip. The most popular destinations/activities for a healing trip are mountain hiking, biking, river trekking – basically, anything that makes you get closer with nature.

This month, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) took us to Jecheon (제천) and Danyang (단양) for a healing trip. Both cities have been awarded this year as Korea’s best healing city and medicinal city, respectively. We had a 2 nights and 3 days excursion for this trip, starting on a Friday at Jecheon.

To make things simpler, I’m going to share to you our itinerary.

Suggested Itinerary for a healing trip at Jecheon and Danyang

Suggested Itinerary for a healing trip at Jecheon and Danyang


Transportation – How to get to Jecheon from Seoul?

We had our own bus during the trip; however, I will share to you how to get to Jecheon from Seoul. There are several public transportation options to get to Jecheon from Seoul.

  1.  Take a bus at Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal (동서울종합터미널 ) Line 2, Gangbyeon Station – click this link for bus schedule.
  2.  Take a bus at Express Bus Terminal (고속터미널) Line 2 – click this link for bus schedule.
  3. You can take a train at Cheongnyani Station (청량리) Line 1. Get off at Jecheon terminal.
Train from Seoul to Jecheon

Train from Seoul to Jecheon. You may use Korail, Mugunghwa, and other train. Please ask for assistance to be sure 😉 It’s a little confusing at this station – there are so many trains!


As you can see from our itinerary, we visited a few places during the trip. We rode a Monorail at Cheongpungho. The monorail goes pretty slow and the way was kind of steep. On board, there was nothing much to see but thin trunks of trees and some scattered fake animal monuments. However, this ride takes us to somewhere magnificent though! The monorail brought us to Bibongsan Peak (531m) where there is a platform for sightseeing and another platform for those who wants some Paragliding! I’d definitely would want to go back here for paragliding. We asked around for the price, they said around 90,000~200,000won. I think it will vary according to the amount of time you’ll spend flying – but still, I think it’s definitely worth a try! Off you go to my #bucketlist! 😉

Selfie first before Safety --,

Selfie first before Safety –,

After which, we had a Soap-making and handkerchief printing at the Medicinal herb village in Jecheon. The guide taught us how to make a soap out of special herbs. They introduced us to several kinds of Korean herbs. I couldn’t exactly remember the korean names of the herbs, but they were anti-bacterial, anti-acne, moisturizing, and calming type of herbs. We were free too choose whatever suits us. These herbs were mixed with a soap base and boom! Finish product in all sorts of cute shapes. I wasn’t able to take many pictures from here because our hands were full.

Herbal Soap

Herbal Soap

The Medicinal Herb Village was our last stop for the day. We then headed to Danyang Daemyung Resort – our place of accommodation for 2 nights. It is actually a big hotel equipped with an Aqua Resort on its basement. Our room was quite spacious but it didn’t have beds. Perhaps, KTO chose an Ondol style room for us this trip. It is actually normal to have no beds on some Korean hotels. Instead of a big comfy bed, they will provide comfy mattresses where you could just spread on the floor. Anyway, there’s a mini concert almost every night at the park right outside the hotel. They also have a few food stalls on the side and a playground too. For more info about this place, click this link.

We had a few recreational activities just before we went to sleep that night. I guess it was a successful day for our managers because we really enjoyed Day 1 plus we are slowly getting closer to each other! And, for the healing trip? Yes, somehow, I managed to forget some of my worries and enjoyed making new friends and creating new and wonderful memories that day.

Will post about day 2 soon! Wait for it 😉

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