Petite France: Why are Koreans fond of European Architecture?

I haven’t been to Europe. I don’t know exactly how buildings in Europe look like; however, various Korean themed parks has quite showed me a few imitations of it – Jade Garden, English Village, Western looking museums, and this blog’s highlight – Petite France. It makes me wonder how this ‘fascination’ started – I am pretty sure that Koreans were never colonized by western hierarchies (correct me if I’m wrong though ). Anyway, putting this trivial fact aside, I am going to share to you how to get to Petite France and what you should expect from your visit. You can trust me on this – unless you’re reading this on year 2020 – Korea may have probably changed their transport system or perhaps this park doesn’t exist anymore 😉

How to get to Petite France using the subway/itx

  1. You can take an ITX train at Yongsan/Cheongryangni and get off at Cheongpyeong Station. (4000원)
  2. At Cheongpyeong Station, you can ride Gapyeong’s Tourist Shuttle Bus. (5000원)

You can find bike rentals right beside the waiting shed outside the station. These bikes though are not always available – I mean, they weren’t there during winter. Well, who rides a bike during a cold Kangwon winter 😛

Anyway, the bus ride from Cheongpyeong Station takes around an hour and a half. Now, what’s Petite France? What’s so special about it?  Petite France (쁘띠프랑스) is actually a theme park based on the popular novel – The Little Prince. According to the pamphlet I got from there, Petite France is a French culture museum. It has several buildings that allows you to experience or see several European culture;

  • Orgel House – you’ll see a collection of old musical instruments.
  • St. Exupery’s Memorial Hall – the room has a timeline of the author’s life and a few displays of the novel in various languages.
  • Fountain Plaza – I love this place! This is where the souvenir shops are. The fountain at the middle just made it perfect.
  • House of European Dolls – I’m not a fan of dolls. It creeps the hell out of me; however, it’s nice to see different kinds of dolls that doesn’t look like Barbie dolls.
  • Antique Gallery – I don’t quite exactly remember which building this is. Sorry. Haha.
  • French Traditional House Gallery – shows you what a typical french house is – well, that’s what the pamphlet was trying to tell us. Here, you can take pictures of yourself with French-looking hats.
  • Guignol Theatre – I haven’t entered this building. They say, this building holds various puppet plays.
  • Outdoor Theater – a mini amphitheater where they hold puppet shows as well.
  • Filming location of Beethoven Virus – well, Beethoven virus is  not the only Korean drama or show that was shot in this place. Now, many shows such as running man and the popular ‘My Love from Another Star’ helped increased the number of visitors of this place.

I’ve visited this place twice – last autumn and this year’s spring. Last autumn, Petite France didn’t have much visitors. However, the number of visitors abruptly increased this year due to the Korean Drama – My Love From Another Star.  I didn’t regret visiting the same place twice. Petite France looked good during autumn as it blends well with the poignant feels autumn brings.

On the other hand, like how the flowers bloom on spring, Petite France exudes a romantic atmosphere for every visitor. The entrance fee is 8000 won per person. Also, you can avail of the stamp activity handkerchief. In certain buildings, ten stamps are hidden and you have to collect everything and show it before you leave the place to get a free postcard! The handkerchief is only 100 won! My friends were so happy to have completed the set! Tehee 🙂

Here’s Petite France last spring.

I think this is a good place to visit. You can include this in your itinerary if you’re planning to visit Korea in the future. Well, that’s it for now! If you have any questions, comment down below! 🙂

PS. For those who haven’t seen the drama, here’s a music video for you.

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