3F Reasons Why you should spend your Summer in Gapyeong

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) spilled a secret on how to rock your summer beyond sea, sand, and shells! Read on to know how we #WowKoreaSupporters had a blast for 3 days and 2 nights in Kangwon-do.

Photo grabbed from other Wow Korea Supporters 2014.

Photo grabbed from other Wow Korea Supporters 2014.

Fishing, Farming, and being with Friends – these are the new elements to enjoy another kind of Korean Summer. According to our managers, fishing and farming are two of the most popular activities during summer among Koreans – especially to kids! And of course, who else should you go with to have a thrilling summer? Friends! They complete the package right?

Most of these activities can be done in Gapyeong – and would you believe that this place is only an hour away from Seoul? Also, this heaven is very accessible as you have a lot of options to get there – bus, subway, and ITX. I think. the most convenient is the ITX followed by the subway line.

  1. ITX-Cheongchun (청춘), roughly 38 minutes for only 4,000 won
  2. Subway (Gyeongchun line_경춘선), roughly 1 hour and 6 minutes for only 1,850 won.
  3. Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, 2 hours 53 minutes for 1,050 won.

ITX Cheongchun line

  D-1 Water Sports at Gapyeong (포시즌수상레저)

Our very first stop was Mr. Dakgalbi restaurant for our lunch at Gapyeong. There we ordered the infamous Dagkalbi. It is a stir fried chicken meal made with korean pepper and vegetables. Actually, Gapyeong and Chuncheon are highly associated with this dish. Another popular food in these places is the Maguksu (Buckwheat cold noodles). I am always amazed by this meal as I’ve always thought that noodles are best served when hot! But this Maguksu is telling us that the opposite can be luscious too.

Immediately after our lunch, we headed to Posijeun Water Sports Resort (포시즌수상레저). This resort has a pension right beside it and a mini field too. First we had our mini-sports activity which was a relay of several activities such as transferring a bean to one plate to another using a chopstick, then carrying a can from one point to another with a partner and the use of hands is restrained, then popping balloons – still with no hands, and lastly, shooting balls, (I mean, basketballs!)ㅋㅋㅋ By the way, our team won this whole crazy relay game.

After the games, we spent the whole afternoon doing water sports such as Pang-pang, Banana Boat, Flying Fish and etc. Originally, KTO asked us to ride 3 kinds of it only but when they observed that we were having so much fun playing on the river, they told us that we can ride whatever we want and no limits at all! Surprisingly, despite the prickling sun, the river was chilly cold – but that made the whole water games more exciting!

The final challenge for Day 1 was the blop jump. As our guys failed to make other members fly to space, they nominated me to be the guinea pig for proper demonstration of jumping so that they can follow. And with that my dear friends, I got a huge bruise on my left leg and had a hard time sleeping at night because I think I almost became a vegetable after flopping in the water so bad! And I quote Mavins “Melanie is freaking 35 kilograms!” so what’d you expect? Haha.

We had an all-you-can-eat-meat buffet at night followed by a 장기자랑 or a forced impromptu presentation to be done by each and every one. As one of our managers just had his vacation in the Philippines, he insisted we dance the otso-otso and sing the song “Maybe This Time” – my goodness, we actually did it! OTL Nonetheless, we had a great time singing, dancing, and talking during our first night in Gapyeong. That night, we stayed at the pension of the resort.

D-2 Fishing and Farming (원평리)

We moved somewhere more rural the next day – WonPyeong area. There is this place famous for farm stay there. To start off, KTO were very witty enough to give us Ajuhmma Fashion clothes for farming so that we’ll fit well with the environment.

Wearing our 'Korean Ajuhmma Style' clothes for Day 2 farming activities.

Wearing our ‘Korean Ajuhmma Style’ clothes for Day 2 farming activities.

We had a lot of activities lined up for that day – making tofu, picking cherry tomatoes, catching fish on the river, cooking Korean style pizza, and enjoying the campfire at night. As our bodies were in pain due to the extreme water sports we did the day before, KTO decided to take things slow and to give us a few minutes of breaks every after activity.

At night, we stayed in a pension a bit far from the farm stay place but it was near the river. The location of the place was really beautiful; however, we had problems with the mosquitoes, the ventilation, and the heating system of the water supply. I think, it is best to stay at the rooms offered by that Farm Stay area. Although their rooms are not that new and clean, it is livable than the once where we stayed at. Before we ended the day, we had a few games and the Rolling Paper activity. This activity is where you write a message to every member – telling how you felt being with them on this wonderful journey.

If you’re planning to follow this itinerary, please do so on Summer (June-August) in Korea. Also, don’t forget to bring lotions to avoid mosquito bites. As this is the rural area, most accommodations are old pensions and they rarely offer toiletries so it is best for you to bring your personal towel and shower essentials.

 As a Wow Korea Supporter, it is our duty to post updates of every activity that we were doing in various social media. You can check my Instagram and Facebook account. It’s easy to determine which post is related, just find the post with a #wowkoreasupporters hashtag.


D-3 France and Fear

petite france

A small french village in South Korea dedicated to the Little Prince novel – Petite France.

 In one of my former post, I have already written a detailed blog about going to Petite France, a semi-amusement park in South Korea which is considered as their little French Village. Several dramas has been shot here but that recent drama “You Who Came from the Stars” caught the attention of many tourists and made them visit this place.


Right before we left Gapyeong, we stopped at Cheongpyeong Riverland for our one last thrill – the bungee jump experience. It wasn’t on the original plan, but then suddenly our managers asked us who would like to bungee jump for free – of course, i immediately raised my hand! The bungee jump costs 40,000 won ($40) – and that day, we were given the opportunity to fly without cost (except, our lives in risk, lol)

I’ve tried bungee swing before; however, this bungee jumping is one hell of an experience! I was, and still proud of myself to actually jump on my own without hesitating! Jumping out of a post 50 meters high was very liberating, but once you’re done falling, when the rope pulls you back up high, it’s extremely an agonizing feeling. But still that won’t stop me from doing it again!  It’s a must try, really, (except for those who have a weak heart tho) I’d like to thank my friends for patiently waiting for us while we were doing the jump and for cheering us while we were screaming for our life! Our heartfelt thanks also to our managers for letting us experience this awesome adventure! Thumbs up for Korea Tourism Organization and to all of us Wow Korea Supporters for another successful trip in Kangwon-do.

We headed back home after the bungee jump and had a deep sleep till the next day. Please like our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/wowkoreasupporters) for wonderful information, amazing itineraries, and invitation to become a Wow Korea Supporter!

PS. Our next big activity will be the opening of the Incheon Asian Games this September 19, 2014 and I am very thrilled to know that we’re invited to cover this event and enjoy the ceremony on VIP seats. It’s totally a Wow! Korea 😉

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