Two weeks with my Ipad Mini 2 (retina)


I actually did not have any plans of buying any apple product especially that I was drooling over the newly released samsung galaxy note 4. I fell in love easily with the note 4 after trying it out in a random phone shop in Korea (which is actually present almost anywhere – just like 7elevens). It felt comfortable on my hands and the new design indeed looked premium than the previous model. As a big fan of camera 360, I immediately checked the camera of the note 4 and my goodness, you don’t need the fancy applications on play store because this phablet just takes pictures beautifully! (If you like saturated photos, that is) Anyway, I decided to change my phone to note 4 since my 2 year contract with my Galaxy s3 just ended. Unfortunately, things became confusing and very chaotic in the phone industry here in South Korea. A law has been passed stating that you have to pay the complete amount of the phone first apart from the postpaid plan that you will be paying monthly. Crazy! Absurd! I know. What’s worse was that they do not allow D2 holders (students) from getting postpaid plans. Oh wait, there’s more, many people think that since Samsung is a product of Korea, phones will be sold at a cheap price here; however, it’s the other way around. The note 4 will cost you more than $1,000 😖

Then, here comes my boyfriend. He’s been busy adjusting with the Korean study-work environment. He told me he wanted to buy an iPad mini so that he won’t have to take his bulky readings with him every time we go out somewhere. At first I was very hesitant. The iPad was just a tablet, or that’s what I’ve thought it is – a plain boring tablet. I sure would want the S-pen if I had to think about productivity, I told him. I tried distracting myself with other affordable options – particularly the Note 10.1 and the galaxy tab S. But still, I was still dreaming about the many things I could do with the S-pen. I could not move on with it until…

I saw this video on YouTube about stylus. Various kinds if stylus you can use with your iPad . It was disappointing at first because most if the stylus were fat and round. “How come nobody ever invented a pen like stylus?” I sighed. I kept searching and researching and voila. All I had to do was to use the word fine-tipped stylus. Haha. It was fascinating looking at these tens and hundreds of videos or articles about stylus you can use with your iPad . Also, the applications that they used in the iPad looked so sleek and minimalistic – just what I wanted.

I could not sleep for days dreaming about it. Then. One afternoon, I took an hour train to go and seek for my iPad . It was calling me. Haha. To make the long story short. I got an iPad mini with retina display (32GB, white, wifi only) two weeks before my birthday! 😆

Now, it’s been two weeks and my birthday is almost near and I’m still loving every second with my iPad mini. Being an android user since my first phone, it felt like I was holding an entirely new device. I supposed I wouldn’t feel the same way if I were holding a note 4 as it runs with the Android. I got excited even with the stock applications! The calendar, the downgraded 5 megapixel camera, the photo album, the safari – everything looked very neat and seamless and just, just wonderful! I have always thought that the IOS was difficult to play with – I was very wrong.

The retina display looked softer and eye-friendly compared to the super Amoled display of my s3. The 7.9 inch display felt perfect for me. By the way I am typing with my iPad mini right now and it is for sure very easy and comfortable to type on this gadget. Moreover, during the two weeks, this mini had been very handy when it comes to school works. I’ve downloaded several apps for note taking, pdf annotating, photo editing, and etc. For the past two weeks, I could say it is indeed a very good tool to have. I’ve read and annotated the readings in class. I’ve download the presentations of my classmates in class and could review it any time I want. I took down notes during class with a 1 dollar stylus (yes, believe me, I’m surprised myself). And, reading pdf or even Flipboard on the iPad mini is just lovely!

Anyway, two weeks and I did not regret jumping on to the iOS bandwagon. I haven’t been using my laptop and phone more frequently but I’ve been very enthusiastic about ebooks and other school stuff that I can manage with the iPad. I’ll probably write a separate post about the applications I’ve downloaded and used with the iPad soon. For now, all I can say is that I’m grateful and happy that I bought this thing as a gift for myself 😄 Also, a big thanks to my boyfriend who gave me the idea hihi now it’s his turn to buy one 😋

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