Snowboarding in South Korea

“새해 복 많이 받으세요” (read: Sae-hae bok mani ba-deu-se-yo) or as many would call, “Happy Lunar New Year!” In Korea, this particular event is called Seollal. It is one of the most awaited holidays among Koreans and it is best not to travel within this holiday week as you wouldn’t want to get stuck in a 6 hour traffic or end up wasting your money going to a closed store. Yes. This holiday usually last for three days and most Koreans who work in Seoul return to their provinces to spend the holidays with their family. This leaves the foreigners in Korea clueless with how they are going to enjoy the holiday when almost every establishment in the city is closed.

Fortunately, I was saved by my boyfriend when he invited me to go on a snowboarding trip! Well, he invited me but it only meant I have to do the research where and how we’re going to do that (tehee) – that’s actually how most of our dates go ;p Anyway, it is both our first time to go on a ski resort and to actually do some snowboarding. It was a little bit difficult and confusing for me to do the planning because I had no idea of the exact things we should prepare.

Just a few clicks in Google, I found some ski tours and packages in various ski resorts that ranged no less than a hundred thousand won! Wow, what a gem! Perhaps we should just opt for another cafe hopping? But since my boyfriend wasn’t able to experience thick snow in his one semester stay in Korea, I decided to explore other options – Naver. Naver, huh? Naver is basically my future thesis topic. Haha. Just kidding. Well, not really. So. Amm. Haha. Naver is a Korean portal site that pretty much works like Yahoo rather than Google. It is very convenient and handy when researching for local information in Korean. Just a few clicks in Naver and in Gmarket (online shopping), I have completed our itinerary.

Gmarket promo

Tip: Check Gmarket for events promo. Don’t worry, they have an English version of the site.

The most basic expenses we had for our snowboarding trip

  • 4 hours lift + equipment rental (snowboard/ski) – ₩ 26,000 per person
  • Ski wear – ₩ 15,000 per person

How to get there?

The resort we chose was the Elysian Gangchon resort. It is one of the closest ski resort near Seoul. Going there is a breeze. There are many options; however, the most convenient is to take the subway (Gyeongchun line) and get off at Baegyang-ri station. You can reach the resort for only 5~10 minutes of leisure walking or you can just wait for the free shuttle bus that arrives every 20 minutes (I’m not so sure).

+Tip: It is a good idea to pack some food if you don’t want to spend ₩ 22, 000 (like us) for a 6-dollar fried chicken. Gah! They have many food stalls outside the cottages and they also have an indoor cafeteria though.

Anyway, enough of the blabbering and look at this very few pictures my boyfriend and I had for our Seollal celebration!

Oh, I included a bonus video. I hope you’ll enjoy it 😉

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