When Global Tribes gather in Kuching

Kuching and its Thousand Cats

There is something in Kuching that will catch your attention the moment you arrive in this small quaint city.

These are cats.

Cats in robes. Cats with crowns. Cat Monuments. and, of course, real stray cats. You’ll see them everywhere. It is unfortunate though that I could not find a single photo of them in my album.

However, besides cats, Kuching’s laid-back charm echoes in every corner of the city. Despite my very short and busy trip, I took some time exploring the neighborhood on foot. Passing through colorful art installations, trivial souvenir shops, and tiny cafes – it was impressive how Kuching cohesively blends varying cultures – Chinese, Malay, Indian, and the local Sarawak vibe.

On the latter part of my stroll, I was very lucky to witness the super moon in a wonderful spot at Kuching Waterfront.The moon brightly shone just right beside the Grand Margherita Hotel.

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The food in Kuching taste similar to certain dishes in the Philippines. And since, it’s been quite some time since I last ate a Filipino food – I pigged out a little.

The Gathering of Global Tribes

The 55th ICCA Congress is my very first ICCA event. This goes without saying that this program, along with all the people I’ve met and the places I’ve been, will always be special in some ways.

Photos from ICCA gallery

What I found most fascinating about the ICCA Congress is how it was able to bring together event professionals, association executives, and various destination marketeers and create an active flow of knowledge exchange without the awkward or threat of competition. The informal, unique, and sometimes intimate group discussion made things easier to remember and understand.

Experts and heads of leading companies were very kind enough to share case studies, techniques to overcome certain situations, or ideas to improve certain programs. Other delegates were very open to narrate the challenges and difficulties there company was experiencing. And then, there were participants like me – listening carefully and taking down notes mentally, nodding more than a couple of times per day. Kidding! Of course, I tried my best to ask and speak up – but then again, I was not yet confident with my knowledge of the industry.

Rather than just collecting a bunch of business cards, the ICCA Congress inspired me to create lifelong buddies in the industry. My group at the First-Time Attendees Program was a good start for that, as well as my co-scholars of the Sarawak CVB Young Professionals Award. I’ve been making friends while attending different sessions too. I’m lucky that my boss actually let me be free – by free, I meant, be able to choose what session I’d like to attend! (I’m going to miss you 팀장님 😭)

It was a great opportunity for me not only to introduce Korea to other people; but, it was also a great way to strengthen the foundation of this career path that I’ve chosen.

I hope I’ll get another chance to attend this event in the future!

📷 Olympus OM-D EM-10. All photos are taken by me. Please ask permission if you want to use it.  #ICCAWorld #BridgetoPrague #SarawakCVB #Korea #Eventprofs #Kuching #ICCAfriends #Malaysia


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