Goodbye SplurkšŸ˜¢, Say Hello to my new blog!

Dear all,

I started this website in 2011, just a few months right before my university graduation. This blog helped me learn so many new skills, particularly photoshop and a bit of coding essential to decorate my blog.

What was originally a personal journal turned out to be a great reference to people who are interested in studying or living in South Korea. Despite being on hiatus for so many years already, my blog is living actively on its own. For a personal blog, I’m surprised to reach more than a hundred thousand visits šŸ’™

While I wish to keep this blog, I had a difficult time acquiring a similar domain name for a self-hosted website – thus, I created a new domain from scratch – .

I’ve moved to Sydney, Australia last year and intend to write about my new experiences here. If you are interested about information on studying or living in Korea, don’t worry – I’ve imported my most popular posts on my new blog:

As I close this blog, I wish to invite you to my new online space:

My new personal blog will talk about leaving once comfort zone, learning new skills, and of course, my favorite topic – travelling.

Once again, thank you so much for the support throughout these years.


Splurk / Melanie šŸ’™

Splurk has moved to


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